Season 01 | Episode 01

"An Odd Couple of Homes" | MIDCENTURY MODERN


Hello everyone! Clint and Luke here. We have been just waiting to reveal this home to all of you and we are excited to share our experiences. We enjoy choosing houses that create a challenge for us and boy did this house raise a lot of question marks. When we first acquired this home, as with all homes, we had to find its true potential. How do you connect the dots between dump and dream home?

It was a 4 bedroom, 2 bath; but, it had no master suite, and that is a big issue. This home was also a split-level, and fair or not, split-level homes have always carried somewhat of a stigma.  So we set-out to bring in natural light, create clean lines, and add warmth through natural wood, other natural elements, and some greenery – a lot like you might expect to find in the beautiful forests of Idaho. We call this style “Idaho mod.”

We don’t like the word “flip” because it infers quick and frantic slapping-together to turn a buck.  We consider ourselves craftsmen.  We touch every surface and usually remodel to the studs (and sometimes beyond). This attention to detail far surpasses what most would consider a flip. Most of our homes will take us four months and sometimes longer to complete. However, due to the TV production schedule, we have to have all work done in 8 weeks while still hitting every detail we would have if the home were not featured on television.  Compound this truncated time schedule with the worst winter ever to hit Boise and you get plenty of unanticipated twists, turns, and drama.




The Boise “Snowpocalypse” was a record-breaking winter and we were working with six inches of ice on all of the sidewalks and driveway. Unfortunately a proper paint job requires a minimum of 40 degrees and low humidity. This home obviously required a new paint job; so, we continued to watch the forecast but the anticipated warmer days never arrived. TV waits on no one; so, we eventually had to come up with a solution despite the weather.  We tried something we’ve never tried before. We decided to drape a huge tarp over the entire home and pump it full of heat from blast heaters. Once we had the temperature and humidity correct we turned the painters loose. This wasn’t quick or cheap, and it looked like something out of ET!

When this project first started we were talking about raising the ceiling in just the living room, but before we knew it, we decided to go for it and raise the ceiling in the entire upstairs. We had no idea what it was going to cost because we had never done anything like this before. Reengineering roofs was nothing new to us but because of the conditions, we had to lift the ceiling from the inside and that was a head-scratcher. We found a truss expert who helped us by manufacturing trusses that could be installed from the inside.  We brought them in in halves and installed them beside each of the old trusses. We then removed the old ones. This ended up costing us more than we had hoped, but the change was worth it. It truly took the house to the next level and literally added a whole new dimension.

We craft each home as if we are remodeling it for our own families. So, creating a master suite was non-negotiable. We combined two bedrooms upstairs so that the adults could have their own beautiful private master area. Now, you never want to reduce the number of bedroom in a home because it just isn’t smart for the valuation of a home.

So, we looked to another non-functional area on the lower floor and converted it into a beautiful additional bedroom. We then created a family room downstairs for visiting, TV, and fun. The family room was very large and just needed something special, so we added an amazing live edge natural wood multifunctional bar/desk – just what the room called for.

The mid-century home had been completely transformed while still honoring its original amazing design. It is always our goal to not just provide a well-built practical family home; but, we also want to evoke the visceral core response of simply “wow.” A clean and fresh, yet warm and inviting feeling in every room must be present. When we see folks just enjoying the space then we know we’ve achieved what we set out to accomplish.

Now on to the next home!