We’re trying to finish strong on the home stretch of Season One of Boise Boys; so, Episode Five shouldn’t disappoint. The home is located in Garden City and we want everyone to know that we love Boise’s river sister city!

LUKE: They say you should follow the Hipsters when you are looking for up-and-coming areas to invest in real estate. With its artsy hangouts, coffee shops, and quirky neighborhoods, Garden City fits the bill. Plus, you can buy a home with a bigger yard for about 3 quarters of the price that the same house would cost you just across the river in the Boise city limits. So, when we found the beautiful old farmhouse on a huge corner lot I was excited to say the least. As I looked past the rough exterior I drew hints of Southwestern influence which is a design style I love and was excited to incorporate it in the rest of the house.

CLINT: Follow the hipsters? All I needed to know is that the home needed renovation and that it is located steps from the Boise Greenbelt. The Boise Greenbelt is a paved pathway running 25 miles down both sides of the Boise River. It is a beautiful trail connecting Boise’s amazing parks with scenic natural animal habitats. I love the Greenbelt and it is one of the main reasons I live in Boise. On one walk down this heavily forested path you could see Canadian Geese and their cute goslings, wood ducks, mink, squirrels, deer, beavers, beautiful wildflowers, delicious wild berries, and so much more. The Greenbelt also offers opportunities for fishing, water recreation, and lovers’ strolls. It is a paradise of natural life and beauty smack dab in the middle of town. But I digress… we have a house to renovate!

LUKE: Now that Clint is back from his “lovers’ stroll” we can do our walkthrough and it is not disappointing! The hint of Spanish Southwestern influence I sensed from the exterior is on full display in this living room.

The stairway and loft highlighted by the beautiful arches is telling me that we should just own roll with the Southwestern style. That’s how we settled on the “Southwestern Farmhouse.”

CLINT: We saw potential in the Southwestern Farmhouse and I could tell that Luke was in full design inspiration mode, but the flow of this house wasn’t working for either of us. The living room and master suite were great, but nothing else was where it should be. The kitchen was hidden over in a small cove, the laundry room was just a large closet that opened up to what should have been a dining room, and there was no powder bath.

So, we started by demolishing the wall between our future kitchen and dining room and what started as a mild renovation quickly turned into a nightmare. Once the walls were opened up, we realized that nothing was engineered properly, and what had been engineered properly was rotten! The additional engineering and framing was a huge budget buster.

LUKE: I’m so glad we were able to address the flow, but I never like hearing about busting the budget on framing and things you don’t see in a finished home. That’s just an excuse for Clint to be more miserly when it comes to spending money on the design aspects of the home.

Anyway, if anyone should be busting the budget it should be me! And, I plan to spend some money on the front porch, the kitchen, the master suite, the living room, and that amazing loft over the living room. I think we should completely demolish that rickety front porch and come back with a metal roof and big natural posts to complete that Southwestern look.

On the interior this home has great light and windows already and I’d love some custom cabinets and beautiful surfaces in the kitchen to complement the light. I’d like to continue the arch theme through to the iron stair railing and I want to do something special in the loft – maybe a quiet space with custom bookshelves.

I also think the master suite should feel like a resort with a spacious custom master bathroom and a feature wall for the bedroom.

CLINT: Ok. What started as mostly a surface remodel has turned into an engineering nightmare and Luke’s wish list is getting longer than the Greenbelt. This is NOT what I expected when we started this project.

This is not going to be cheap and on top of that, there are a lot of custom items I’ll have to handle myself including a wall of custom shelves and master bedroom feature wall. Talk about time and money. I sure hope the Southwestern Farmhouse will sell quickly.

LUKE: Clint, if we build it they will come… to Garden City! Just ask the Hipsters. We hope you have enjoyed this episode and we hope this blog has helped fill-in a few more aspects of the Southwestern Farmhouse!

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Luke and Clint