Well, it’s happened! HGTV picked us up for a full season and Episode One is the biggest investment we’ve ever made in a single home. They say “go big or go home;” well, we went big on the first home of Season One and we’re hoping for big reward! When we first walked in, we found an abandoned mid-century home that had been sadly neglected. The home is located on one of the best view lots in all of Boise, but the overgrown yard, the neglect, and the poor floor plan made it unlivable.

The home needed so much in renovation and repair that we genuinely wondered if we could afford to take it on and still make a profit. But, the amazing view spun it’s magical web and we were hooked. If we could fulfill our vision and incorporate the scenic view, we believed that we could have something really special. At that moment, in anticipation of what we hoped to accomplish, we christened it the “View Home” and we were all in.

CLINT: The View Home originally was poorly designed as if the amazing view was just an afterthought. We wanted a layout that would bring the incredible view into a large master bedroom, kitchen, and great room. Laying out the great room was easy because it already faced the view; however, rearranging the rest of the main floor to meet our criteria was a feat to say the least. I started with the exterior dimensions and window placement, then lost count of the number of times I re-configured the floorplans until we settled on the final layout marrying Luke’s form with my function

LUKE: I love to design and style an amazing master suite, and the floorplan we devised gave me just that. The goal was from the moment you wake up in your bed your first view is downtown, Boise. I really wanted to have a custom headboard made that would stand the test of time and really be a huge statement piece. We decided on a gorgeous black walnut slab that was from the area. This brought the dimension and warmth that this room needed especially after I had Clint build a coffered ceiling and paint it black. I love the final look of this room. All it needs now is a hot tub outside the master deck!

CLINT: The wall plate is where an exterior wall meets the roof, and in the View Home, our rear wall plate was way too low! It inhibited our ability to see the view! So, we agreed we’d need to raise that plate. But, doing so meant we’d have to re-engineer the whole roof… and that’s what we did. I had a little fun on the excavator peeling the old roof off then raising the exterior walls; however, the real work came when we began to install the new manufactured roof trusses. We also installed a wall of windows across the rear of the View Home so that the million-dollar view could truly be appreciated.

LUKE: During the exterior renovation I wanted to modernize the old look of the clinker brick. So, I designed the look to include horizontal natural oiled cedar. As the cedar was going up, I loved the look so much that I carried the design through to the inside as we covered the great room ceiling with the same horizontal cedar. Except inside I decided to go unstained because I love bringing natural wood elements into the home. Executing this one simple design choice not only modernized the home but brought warmth as well.

CLINT: Luke and I decided that the old creepy stairway in the rear of the home should be replaced by a grand stairway in the great room. It would become a beautiful feature and functionally, it would open-up both floors to maximize the natural light. Upper floors are supported and stabilized by floor trusses. On top of the floor trusses goes the subflooring which is usually a thick plywood product. Then comes the walking surface – in this case more wood! Suffice it to say that the structure of the flooring was incredibly sturdy and that made me feel really good about the View Home. But, it also made it incredibly difficult to cut the hole for the new stairs!

LUKE: The defining element of the View Home obviously is the view! But, the interior would still need a striking feature to compliment this amazing view. Since we had raised the ceiling height it struck me that we could go floor to ceiling with a stunning quartz fireplace. Although this was a fairly expensive project in the end this is Idaho after all; so, what’s better than a breathtaking mountain view coupled with an equally beautiful fireplace? I like it!

CLINT: The View Home originally had no deck from which to appreciate the view! That changed with the addition of a massive deck across the entire rear of the home. Luke had already designed a lot of wood into and onto the View Home ; so, instead of going with more wood on the deck surface, we decided to try something out of the ordinary, and this would require the many hands of my boys to install. The large slate tile we used was very easy to install. It involved laying down an engineered sublayer, then just spacing and laying the tile. In the end we had created a beautiful and unique deck that is virtually maintenance-free!

LUKE: As the new staircase began to take shape, I had a design vision of sleek matte black metal railings that carried through from the front of the home, to the staircase, and then across the back deck. Consistency is very important in design and as many railings that we’d need in the View Home, this was no time to not be consistent!

We hope you have enjoyed this episode and we hope this blog has helped fill-in a few more aspects of the View Home! Keep coming back for more behind the scenes, how-to’s, design tips, and fun with the Boise Boys.


Luke and Clint